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Tampa Natural Reservation

Tampa is located at approximate 400 meters above Brasov City. The reservation extends on a surface of 150 hectares and is the only landscape reservation from Brasov County.

Here there were described for the first time two Romanian biological species living only in certain areas: Hepatica transsilvanica and Bromus marcensis. On the North side you can find a forest with different types of tree species: beech, hornbeam, oak, linden, mountain elm, ash, larch, pine etc. The South Side, sunny and dry has steppe areas where attempts of planting trees have failed.
Tampa also shelters many birds, mammals and insects species ( here there were found 35% of the butterflies species in our country).

Tampa cable transport (the Alee under Tampa)

Cable transport program:

- Monday closed
- Tuesday-Friday 9.30 am- 17 pm
- Saturday 9.30 am- 18.30 pm
- Sunday 9.30 am- 20 pm

Price: round-trip ticket adults 6 RON, children 3 RON

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