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Delta between the mountains: Dumbravita Fishing Complex

Special avifauna protection area

It is the most important place of concentration of water bird in Brasov county and one of the most representative in Transylvania, especially in migration. Dumbravita Fishing Complex is located in Barsa Depression, Brasov County, 25 km N of Brasov Municipality on DN Brasov - Sibiu, towards Dumbravita village. It has two distinct sectors: an accumulation lake and a fish pond system and totals 414 ha.
More than 150 species of birds have been identified here. Some of them are included in the international directives and conventions on wildlife protection: eurasian bittern, little bittern, purple heron, ferruginous duck, little crake, corn crake, etc. The area was called "Delta of Brasov" or "Delta between the mountains". The following activities are allowed in the protected area: sport fishing on the northern and southern shores of the accumulation lake, bird watching and study, traditional community activities (mowing, grazing cattle and horses, etc.).
Enjoy the landscapes and the presence of birds !

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