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Bike routings and Bran hikings

Bran-Simon-Valea Gaura trail

Location: North-West side of Bucegi Massif, access to one of the most spectacular touristic routings from Bucegi.
Time: approximately 4-5 hours
Maximum altitude: 1150 meters
Difficulty: medium.

Departing from Casa Tolstoi, we choose the highroad to Arges, passing by Bran Castle and after approximately 1 kilometer we reach the intersection with the street across Simon Valley.
We are heading to Simon and on a distance of approximately 5 kilometers we will go up, passing near houses and pensions, on a highroad.
Once we leave Simon Village, the"highroad" will be replaced by a forest road, in good condition, that goes up smoothly along Simon Creek. After another 5 kilometers, we will reach the point from where Gutanu and Valea Gaura mountain routings begin, we choose the second one.

From this particular point, you can see Bucegi Peak, in the left side being Lancia Peak and in the right side, Doamnele Mountain. We go forward, and after less than 1 kilometer, the road becomes difficult, full of rocks, in some places quite inclined. After a little while, we will reach the point from where the touristic routing follows the foot path among the pines, leaving the valley. It`s time for us to go back because from this point, the path is highly difficult.

Watch out for dogs, in some places you can come across sheep herds in Simon Valley.

You have multiple supplying points in Simon Village.
Among the routing there are also springs, in case you need water supplies.

Bran - Raitesti - Sohodol - Tohanul Nou - Predelut routing

Location: North-East side of Bran
Durata: approximately 2,5 hours
Altitudine maxima: 850 meters
Grad de dificultate: medium.
Departing from Casa Tolstoi, we choose the highroad, heading to Bran Downtown, after 300 meters, we go to the left, on the road to Vila Bran (Bran Mansion), and once we arrived at the end of the road, we go to the right until we reach the road that goes to Raitesti, then transits Sohodol Village.

From here, towards the left, begins the difficult hike, the path is quite well maintained but at the same time quite inclined on the first 500 meters. After crossing the sloping section, the trail becomes easier, the hike is very easy up to the intersection, where we are heading left, an elbow to the right, this being the point from where the hike-down begins. Be carreful, we take the first path to the left.

We follow this not very improved path, after 500 meters we begin going-down but carefully so that we do not slip on the instable grit, and after a few serpentines, we arrive to the highroad, near "Un baiat si o fata" restaurant.

From there, in order to come back, we have two choices: we can choose the congested highroad or we can cross the highroad and right after "Luna Albastra" car wash we go to the right towards the river and we choose the earth road heading upstream.

On the first "intersection", we choose the right road and we continue until we get to Predelut Church, where we go to the left, heading to Bran. After a few minutes, we go once again to the left, crossing the river on a wooden bridge and after 300 meters we arrive to the highroad where we go left once again, arriving in a few minutes at the intersection with the road that goes to Casa Tolstoi.

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