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Bucegi Natural Park

Bucegi Massif, having a surface of approximately 300 square kilometers, is located on the East extremity of Meridional Carpatians, expanding between Prahova Valley on the East and Bran Corridor on the West; the massif suddenly climbs down to Barsa Depression and quite easily to the South, up to the contact with the Subcarpathians. Having a large structural and morphological complexity, the massif appears like a natural citadel, with its inside suspended on 1600-2500 meters, sustained by strong slopes.

From Dorului Spring and Ialomita River, extends a high plateau, covered with alpine grasslands and mountain pines. The approximately 36 square kilometers ( 12 kilometers length and 3 width ), form a minded plateau from North to South, that goes down from the 2350 meters, in Babele area, to 1700 meters from Oboarele to Dichiu. The main valleys: Ialomita and Dorului Spring, frame the plateau interrupted from place to place by the peaks: Babele- 2294 meters, Cocora- 2191 meters, Laptici- 1872 meters, Blana-1875 meters, Oboarele- 1707 meters, Dichiu- 1713 meters. Towards South the plateau continues with smaller peaks, going down above Moroieni Village, in Plaiul Domnesc.

West of Ialomita Valley extends the other main arm of the massif- the one coming off Omu Peak, extended at the beginning, to Doamnele-2402 meters and Batrana- 2181 meters, then curving in Grohotisu- 2168 meters, Strungile Mari- 2089 meters, Saua Strunga- 1909 meters, Tataru- 1998 meters, Deleanu- 1904 meters, Lucacila- 1895 meters, Zanoaga- 1788 meters.

Besides the two main arms, also from Omu Peak area is coming off short and sharp crests. Towards East, begins Moraru Mountain, to North- West, Bucsoiu-2492 meters, that raises its peaks forming a part of the watersheds, and to North Padina Crucii separates Malaiesti and Tiganesti Glacial Depressions. Ialomita Valley gathers its waters from Batrana, Tataru, Zanoaga, Orzea Creeks.

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